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Before you move into the referral directory, please read the information carefully and acknowledge that you accept to enter the directory.

This directory is compiled by the American Dental Society of Europe as a reference which provides the public with quick access to information about ADSE members. Not all ADSE members participate in this referral service. This referral directory contains information about member dentists who have specifically requested to be included on this list. Participation in this referral service is voluntary.

The information contained within this referral directory is for public information only.

Reproduction or republication for commercial purposes is prohibited.
The information contained in this directory may not be downloaded, republished, sold or duplicated or used in any way for commercial purposes or for use in compiling mailing lists or any other lists of dentists or used to create or supplement data files or compendiums of statistical information about dentists.

Disclaimer: Although the American Dental Society of Europe takes reasonable efforts to maintain the information contained in this referral directory to ensure accuracy, the information is not guaranteed and ADSE assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. ADSE does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information contained in this directory. ADSE does not endorse the individuals described in this directory or the services they provide. In no event shall ADSE be liable to any individual for any decision made or for action taken by those who rely on this information for any reason.

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