2018 Meeting

The 124th meeting of the American Dental Society of Europe
was held at the Hôtel du Pailais in Biarritz, France. 
From 20th June to 23rd June 2018

The Hôtel du Palais (originally the Villa Eugénie) is a hotel located beside the
Atlantic beach in
the resort town of Biarritzon the Côte Basque in the
French department of 
Pyrénées-Atlantiques.  It was originally built for
Empress Eugénie around 1855 as a 
summer villa.

It was due to the visits of the imperial couple that the village of Biarritz
developed into a 
fashionable  resort.  In 1880, the villa was sold and
converted into a hotel casino. 
It was devastated by fire in 1903, but was
lavishly rebuilt and enlarged within the original walls.

For many years the hotel attracted the international elite, including
members  of the European 
royalty such as King Edward VII of the
United Kingdom,  who paid several extended visits. 

Although the hotel later fell into disrepair, and closed for a period in
the 1950s, 
it has since been refurbished  and is again a luxury hotel. 
The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.



Future Meeting

The 125th Meeting
Prague, Czech Republic

27 - 29, June 2019